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The Law Offices of C.M. Brainard represents property buyers, sellers and lessors in real estate proceedings and transactions. We handle legal aspects of purchase and sale, development, construction, mortgages, foreclosures, and leases of commercial and residential real estate (the land and the structures attached to it).

Our firm is adept at handling real estate matters involving apartment complexes, condos, duplexes, single-family dwellings (homes), business or office property, and other residential and commercial property.


A real estate lawyer is involved in commercial activities, typically drafting, negotiating and closing transactions that facilitate real estate transactions, including:

(i) the sale, purchase, and leasing of real estate, real estate, and property. , buildings, natural resources of the land (crops). , minerals, water) or any other immovable interest;

(ii) development and use of resources and management of state and local support systems; and

(iii) support large-scale development projects and work with REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts), companies that own or finance real estate.

Real estate lawyers also spend more time advising their clients on these matters. A due diligence investigation is also a big part of a real estate attorney's job. These due diligence inspections may include: inspecting the physical details of the property and may include an environmental inspection (to ensure there is no pollution), checking the rent of all tenants and verifying the title to ensure that the seller has the property and in fact. There are no liens, mortgages or other debts on the property, including tax liens. When a real estate dispute arises, real estate attorneys represent their clients in court. Such disputes may involve breach of contract, environmental compliance, construction defects, foreclosures, homeowner associations, or boundary disputes, among other issues. 

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Titles And Deeds — Lawyers Ensuring Your Interests Are Preserved

A clean title is essential to real estate transactions, whether it involves a real estate purchase and sale, inheritance-related conveyance of title, or partition action. Our attorneys apply our extensive knowledge and experience to each real estate transaction, ensuring we devote the attention that is necessary to identify and resolve title issues prior to transfer of title and deed. Our experience and know-how in addressing complex title issues is beneficial to residential and commercial real estate clients alike. Learn more about our experience handling real estate titles and deeds.

Reputable Trusted Real Estate Attorneys

Our real estate law firm is known for responsiveness and attentiveness to clients’ needs. Property buyers, sellers and landlords trust in our knowledge and preparedness, whether we are serving their interests in a real estate transaction or guiding their interests in any other real estate matter.


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Our business law and real estate law firm’s location offers a professional environment, convenient access and easy parking.

For a free initial consultation with a lawyer regarding real estate, contact the Los Angeles Law Offices of Law Brainard. Call (310) 266 - 4115 or complete our electronic intake form.

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