As lead counsel represented various clients in real estate litigation matters including quiet title, breach of contract, forgery, conspiracy, partition, fraud, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, tortious interference with conract, seller failure to disclose, slander title, easements, construction defects, premises liability.  Sample cases as lead counsel include the following:

Emirzian vs. Shetty et. al. (LASC Case No. BC311966)

Represented Plaintiff through complex matter securing judgment after trial related to equity stripping scheme and scam to defraud client of her residential property and equity.  Asserting claims against Brokers, Agents, Loan Coordinators, and Escrow for Fraud and Conspiracy to Defraud, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, and Negligence Per Se.  Issues related to Lis Pendens and complex fiduciary duties.


Louis Scaduto vs. Emailzadeh et. al. (US District Court, Central District of California Case No.: 07-04069 GW AJWx) 

Represented class of 20 plaintiffs and the general public in Federal Fair Housing Claim sounding in 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the US Constitution for discriminatory housing practices where Defendant sought to improperly use California Ellis Act to evict elderly Santa Monica Residents from apartment complex over circumventing rent controls, and to convert to condominiums which would only be sold to people of their same ethnicity and within their religious sect.  Overturned California law based on US Constitutional grounds and discrimination based on Religion and National Origin.  All tenancies protected, sanctions on opposing counsel for attempting unsuccessful Anti-Slapp motions, and all attorneys fees recovered from Defendants.


Merrigan vs. Thomen, et. al. (LASC BC281004)

Representing Plaintiff against neighbor who disputed property line with specious survey, then placed new fence and cut away Plaintiff’s driveway forcefully taking his real property.  Suit initiated for Quiet Title, Ejectment, Property Easement, Trespassing, Invasion of  Privacy, Private Nuisance, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.  Matter resolved in client’s favor with deeded easement and return of real property control


Rudomin vs. Rudomin et. al.  (LASC Case No.: BC642980) 

Represented Defendant and extended family against estranged spouse who sued entire family who were lawfully engaged in real estate development, claiming falsely that marital property had been converted into their real estate holdings and seeking deep pockts.  All properties protected, no damages or settlement paid.  Case dismissed in our clients’ favor.


Mungia vs. Salas et. al. (LASC Case No.: BC314148) 

Represented Plaintiff against distant in-laws who engaged in forgery to steal real estate title.  Claims asserted included Quiet Title, Conversion, Forgery, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.  Successfully, placed Lis Pendens and recovered title to the property.


Sanchez vs. Dekhtyar et. al. (LASC Case No.: TC026536/TC027484)

In complex web of cases involving restaurant holdings, Denny’s restaurants, and breached partnerships, successfully represented clients in both initial litigation matters and frivolous malicious prosecution claims.  Clients restaurant holdings protected completely.


Samoa vs. Devoux et. al. (VCSC Case No.: CIV227334)

Real Estate dispute between in-laws and partnerships involving ownership and possession of real estate, as well as unlawful detainers for improper control of real estate not owned.  Lis Pendens issues, quiet title, abuse of process, unlawful detainer, and emotional distress.  Matter resolved in clients favor.


Batt vs. Monaghan et. al. (LASC Case No. 355878)

Represented Plaintiffs against seller Defendants who failed to disclose unpermitted structures of residence sold.  Sellers did not disclose as required on CC Section 1102 et. seq. transfer disclose statement or otherwise and otherwise concealed the lack of permitting which was later discovered and resulted in substantial damages to Plaintiffs who were left with an unpermitted house that was also unsafe.  Matter resolved with substantial recovery to remediate structures and permitting issues.


Feng and Du vs. Liu, et. al.  (SBSC Case No. VCVVS036058)

Represented Plaintiff against real estate development company for fraud and deceit related to scheme to defraud through improper deeds and transfer of vacant land in Hesperia.  Matter successfully settled and resolved with recovery of real estate in client’s favor.


Ney vs. Saravi et. al. (LASC BC362574) 

Represented Plaintiff on quiet title for recovery of title from partnership scheme to divest homeowner of his family residence.  Lis Pendens properly placed and client’s home and interests protected.


La Platney vs. Wyman et. al. (LASC BC349613)

Representing Plaintiff in Quiet title dispute as to proper ownership requiring Lis Pendens.   Matter settled favorably and client’s property and interests protected.


Bergman vs. Luna et. al. (LASC Case No. 22STCV38424)

Contested Partition and Quiet Title Action with Complaint and Cross-Complaint between former domestic partners.  Complex title issues, debts, and accountings required.  Matter resolved via a pre-mediation settlement with payout to client.