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  • An attorney that will fight for you! "I was the subject of a complex civil litigation matter in Hermosa Beach, California, where I was falsely accused of wrong doing that I didn’t do. The matter was complicated and it was difficult to navigate in the court system. I hired Christopher Brainard and he represented me through up to and including trial and we won’t the case. Everything was handled professionally and the communication was excellent."

    Michael W, Hermosa Beach, California USA

  • Brilliant and Effective. "We needed advice about our boating business, commerical docking leases, and also including licensing, taxes, and regulatory matters. Chris gave us excellent service throughout, we achieved our goals, and we couldn’t have done it without his legal service."

    Abby B, Long Beach, California USA

  • Great Experience. "We needed a great lawyer to help us with a legal problem that just spiraled out of control. We chose Christopher Brainard and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with the representation. Christopher Brainard efficiently and effectively handled the matter including taking on an appeal and winning the case for us. We would definitely recommend Christopher Brainard."

    Marley, H, Monrovia, California USA

  • Goals Attained. "I engaged Christopher Brainard as legal counsel in the context of a contested matter involving division of assets. Chris accurately communicated the issues, was solutions oriented, and found a way to get all parties to settle the case with Court approval. I was very satisfied with the services."

    Matt, A, Pasadena, California USA

  • "Thank you so much, Chris Brainard Law Office, www.LawBrainard.com, for helping me sort through our options and helping us find the one that felt truly right for us in the long run. A+."

    Andrea, S, Manhattan Beach, California USA

  • No Other Attorney Said We Could Win. "We were in a David and Goliath situation and the otherside had teams of attorneys and all unlimited money... we knew we were right, but we couldn't find an attorney to take the case because it required overturning state law. Chris was the only one who could have won the case. WE WON, WE GOT OUR ATTORNEYS FEES PAID BY THE CULPRITS AND WE KEPT OUR HOMES. Best Real Estate Attorney in Southern California, look no further."

    Kit, S, Santa Monica, Califoria USA